We would like to welcome you to our official website. Here you will find a wide range of talent we represent here in New Zealand, as well as in Australia and across the Pacific.

At Flawless7 we work tirelessly to represent and present unique opportunities to our clients. We offer a wide array of services unlike any other talent agency and nurture our actors, personalities and artists in the ever evolving worlds of Music and Entertainment.

New Zealand, Australia and the surrounding Pacific are rich in talent and Flawless7 aim to best represent this talent in the highly competitive entertainment industry, as well as the greater public-interest domain. Our ability to both stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing entertainment industry, as well as a proven network of professionals in varied fields from merchandising to production; from event promotion to television and film making we can confidently help bring our home-grown talent to the forefront of their respective disciplines.

Feel free to look through our current roster of  music and performing artists, guest speakers, MC hosts, voice actors, promo models, entertainers, dancers, DJ’s, and personalities of whom we help provide successful endorsement and sponsorship deals, marketing, PR, event management, as well as casting for film, TV and much, much more.

Why Flawless7

At Flawless7 we are passionate about what we do and our philosophy is ‘hard work pays off’ so we work hard to gain maximum results for our clients. We are focused on providing the best, more effective service for our clients in their respective fields professionally and efficiently.

With a team highly experienced and connected within their creative backgrounds Flawless7 operates seamlessly and stays on top of new, fresh and exciting opportunities for our clients.

Within  Flawless7 we trust in each others capabilities and perform as a unit. We offer open consultation with our clients at every junction making sure they are informed and we remain proactive even in our clients ever-changing personal or professional situations.

The sky is the limit here at Flawless7 and you will be able to see that through our long list of clientele and the professionalism in which we execute our services on their behalf.

Contact Us

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